Alto Userís Handbook

Butler Lampson


Citation: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, 1976.

See below for the 1979 version.

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This handbook contains documentation for all the standard Alto services intended for use by non-programmers. It is divided into six sections:

         The Alto Non-programmers Guide, which has most of the general information a non-programmer needs.

         The Bravo manual, which tells you how to deal with documents containing text on the Alto.

         The Markup and Draw manuals, which tell you how to add illustrations to documents. Section 10 of the Non-programmers Guide is an overview on illustrations.

         Finally, two reference manuals, one for the DDS filing service, and one for the FTP service which transports files between machines. These manuals supplement the introductory information on these two services in the Non-programmers Guide.


Here is the 1979 version of the Alto Userís Handbook. It omits the DDS manual, but includes manuals for the Laurel email client and the Neptune file directory browser.